WD TV Live + MAC OS 10.6.3 - problem with copying files via Wi-Fi connection

Hi, could you please help me… I have wi-fi connection with WD TV Live via Netgear router… If I try to copy the files via wi-fi network it starts copying but at the end it shows the message that copying is not possible as I have not got enough authority rights…What is the problem?


Welcome to the forums.

I don’t know nuthin’ about birthing… um, MACs, but on a PC I’d suspect the file was greater than 4GB and the drive wasn’t formatted to allow that (formatted FAT rather than NTFS).

Perhaps some MAC type guys will jump in here and help.

Hi, unfortunately the problem is not in the file. it weights 10 mb…

I have the same problem, looks like is happened after the last update. Before everything worked fine.