WD TV live looses connection to Medialibrary

My WD TV live is connected to two  NAS (1 buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo and a LS Duo) via 1000MBit CAT5e cable and a Netgear Router and via a Fritz!Box 7390 to the Internet. The Mediafiles consist of 300 Videos (2 TB) and app. 9000 Musik files. After the buildup of the Medialibrary all works fine. BUT: after some switchon/off the player looses the connection to the library and tells me, that there are no mediafiles in the library. When I redo the complete procedure, everything works fine again. BUT: see above.

Does anyone have some information for me, why this happens and how I can work around this problem?

The firmware in the Player is of course the most recent one available.

Thanks in advance for helpful information.


ewoerndle wrote:

…BUT: after some switchon/off the player looses the connection to the library 

Switchon/off of what?  The WD TV? … or your NAS?

If you switch off your NAS but your WD TV stays on, then what you’re seeing is normal.  

You’re cutting off the server, so the WD TV *does* lose the media library. 

It will try to reconnect for a short while, and then give up.

Normally, all you need to do is reboot your WD TV when your NAS is back online.   No need to re-setup everything.

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Have you tried setting a static IP on the media player or on the NAS drives?, I would also like to know if you have the media player connected wired or wireless to the router, try to see if the same thing happens when the unit is wired and wireless.