WD TV Live latest model with Wifi and Lan, how can i use both

Hi guys,
couldnt find an option to use Wifi and Lan at the same time. For me this would be ideal as my NAS is in a cabled Network but nternet comes in via WIFI. I have an Ethernet to USB plug but not sure if this is going to work as dont know how i can configure it on the WD TV. Does anybody have an Idea to get both connected Lan and Wifi. Thanks

You can’t use both at the same time, it’s either one or the other.

thanks for your reply Tinwarble.

I understand the WD TV Live cant use both connection types at the same time.
But would the Device be able to switch to LAN ‘automatically’ when the WiFi is no longer in use. SO without changing the settings manually, thanks

Yes, if you have a wired connection then change to a wireless connection and the wireless drops it will go back to the wired connection.  At least as tested.  But when the wireless signal returns it will not automatically reconnect to it.

But this is not instantaneous, and can take a few minutes to notice the drop and reconnect to the wired network, this will also cause it to rescan the media library.

understood, thanks very much.