WD tv live. laptop files not showing

Hey all

Today I got myself 2 WD tv live media streamers, 1 for upstairs and 1 for down but have come across a problem already.

Basically its not picking up my movies that are in my ‘videos’ folder on my laptop but it is showing the little sample videos that come installed with all windows laptops.

Ive done everything I can think of including going into my netork and sharing section on the laptop and allowing  all files from the laptop to the media streamer to be played.In the files section of the media player it is showing that its connected to my laptop just no files are showing. 

Can anyone help please ?

Thanks a lot in advance.


I think it is a sharing problem.  The sample movies are usually in the “Public” folder which is always shared by windows.  Just make sure you have ‘shared’ the folders which contain your movies you want to show. Right click on the folder, Properties and the tab Sharing.  Even get into the advanced sharing options.

If you have already done this have another look and check your permissions and ensure it is “Everyone”.  These are in Sharing Advanced Options.

Again if you have already done this you may need to wait for further advice.

Thanks a lot mate

Heres what I done, I went to ‘computer’ - disc © - users - me - then right clicked on my videos - properties-sharing tab-share, then I added ‘everyone’ to the share box and everything seems good now. 1 question though.Is it safe to do that ? and can everyone in my area with a touch of knowledge access all my files now ? 

Thanks again 


You’re safe Joe.  The only way someone would be able to see your shares would be if you gave them your wi-fi password (if you are indeed using wi-fi).  Adding “everyone” just means all the people on your LAN will be able to access the share.