WD TV Live keeps on asking for Username & password

Just got it off the box , it connected itself to my wireless router, did the two upgrades, but now it keeps asking for “user name & pasword”. Didn’t have any password set in my computer so I did put one to work but it still tells me the user name & pass word are  wrong. Then I used the word “admin” for both user name & password, didn’t work!!, I used the router’s name & password  it won’t take it.

Don’t know what to do, manual mentions to refer to the   “NAS device documentation” ,what that hell is that??. Can some one please explain a little bit about this aproach ??. Is This for the wizards ??

I can get Pandora, youtube etc.

This happens with my Destop Computer only (Win7 x64). I have a Desktop and I can get the WD player to get sample pictures and movies from it and I used the Router account name & password. crazy!! I never put a password in that computer and it looks like the WD Player doesn’t need it .  

Help Please!!!

clear out the username and password and connect, then go to settings and set to sign in automatically

Thanks, I knew that User name & Password were bad advise, I cleared them out like you said , but tell me, where on  settings do I get it to sign in automatically , please give me a little more detail…

Thanks again eival


its in the Network settings at the bottom.