WD TV Live issues reading videos on my WD mybookworld

I frequently have problems with my WD TV reading my WD mybookworld NAS through the network.  It finds it fine and I seem to not have any issues with pictures or music, but I download videos to similar folders in my NAS but from time to time, when I search to watch the videos, the WD TV Live keeps listing directories that I have already deleted or moved and wont show new directories that I make.  If I change a folder name, it keeps listing it under the old name and makes the files in the directory unplayable.  I just recently deleted all of my video files (by accident) and I started loading new ones back on.  It seems to still only see 2 folders that I had in the past and wont show any of the new ones that I created.  I have tried reseting to defaults, unplugging the power and ethernet connections,  and to reboot the box but it doesnt help.  Nothing works.  I’ve been told that its the NAS that is causing the problem but I checked through the WD TV Live’s file management option and that has all my updated files and folders.  I can copy them and delete them normally.  Its only when I go through the video menu and search by either “all videos” or “by folder”.  They still show the old files that dont exist anymore. 

Am I downloading videos to a wrong directory?  I put them on my public directory on the NAS.  Am I using the WD TV improperly?  Please help.

I assume you’re using the “MEDIA SERVER” function of the WDTV Live?    If so, you must go into your MyBook World and tell it to re-index your files before the changes will be shown on the Media Clients.

If I recall, the MBW runs TWONKY as the Media Server, right?   If so, there’s a button in the MAINTENANCE section to do that.

I’m not familiar with TWONKY.  I never got the WD software to load properly on my computer.  I just tried again and it never finds the drive properly.  I’m able to access it through windows as network directory.  How do I go about re-indexing?  And how do I know I’m using the NAS as a media server?

What menu item are you picking on the WDTV?    NETWORK SHARES or MEDIA SERVERS?

media server

Then you are using the TWONKY interface in the MyBook World.

Look in Chapter Six of your User Manual for the MBW to learn about it. 

I think I got it.  I went through windows and got directed to the TWONKEY media page and then found a “rescan contents” and it looks like its working.  Thanks for the help. 

Any idea why it wouldnt be rescanning?  Is this something that I need to do every so often?  I know where to go now if this acts up but is there something that I dont have set properly that you would recommend checking?  So I dont have to rescan this often?  Or is this regular maintenance?

Go to the Sharing page in Twonky. Set the ‘Rescan in minutes’ to a reasonable value e.g. 15. You could try the value of -1 as indicated on the instructions on that page, BUT I have never had that work on NAS devices.