WD TV Live+ Is Unresponsive

Hello all. My WD TV Live+ has suddenly stopped working. It doesn’t respond to the remote, if I unplug the power cord and plug it back in I get no video or WD logo etc. I think it’s trying to do something as the Digital Audio lights up in the back and if I plug a network cable in I get a green steady light that stays on and the orange light blinks randomly. It won’t respond to the remote control no matter how long I leave it (and I have checked that the remote has no depressed/stuck buttons and I did change the batteries).

So far I have tried

  • Unplugging it for ½ an hour
  • Holding the reset button on the left-hand side of the unit in for 1 second
  • Holding the reset button on the left-hand side of the unit in for 10 seconds
  • Starting the device hooked up to only Component
  • Starting the device hooked up to only AV (yellow for video, white/red for audio)
  • Starting the device hooked up to only HDMI

Any ideas? I should mention that the warranty ran out in Dec 2011. :frowning:

So nothing at all appears on the screen when using the WD supplied AV cable and a composite input.

Have you got a similar power supply (12V) which you can try. It must also have the same positive / negative connection.

Is the LED on the front coming on?

Rich, the power supply is always a “usual suspect”, but in this case, the network light in the back is on, the WD isn’t working otherwise.  This indicates a working power supply, and a dead WD Live Plus to me.  To test this, I disconnected the PS from my Live Plus, and the lights in the back naturally turned off, so a working PS is necessary for the back lights to be on. 

It appears it is time to replace the WDTV, unfortunately.  If the OP wants another Live Plus instead of a newer model, there are plenty of Live Plus models for sale at ebay; both used and new. Personally, I would just buy a newer model such as the Streaming or Hub, and definitely forget about the new lower-end, Play model, because it is a “downgrade” from the Live Plus.

Its worth a try with another power supply if the op has one around, he has nothing to lose. It may be that the power supply is faulty and is outputting the wrong voltage. Personally I try everything before I throw anything away.

OK, if he has another power supply, not only does he need 12v from it, it also has to put out enough current, and the WD PS is rated at 1.5A output, and the outer part of the pin is the negative terminal (specs are on the plug-side of WD PS) .  If the PS he finds to try meets these specs he can give it a go; assuming the power pins are the same size, too!  (BTW, the PS can not be less than 1.5A, but if he has a 2A output PS, he can use that if all else is same.)

I don’t actually think that it is the power supply but its just something to try before disposing of it. If you think about it there is little the average person can do with a faulty player. This suggestion was simply something that came into my mind while I was typing out a reply. 

Regarding the power supply, the connector is pretty standard and so is the negative outer, positive inner arrangement. As the player takes less than 12 watts (in fact with my meter nearer 5 watts) he could also get away with a 1 amp supply for testing purposes. If he has any other WD players / hard discs he will probably have a compatable one for test purposes. Given all this I am not saying that it is the supply, in fact I very much doubt it. Its just a ‘straw’ a person can clutch at before giving in and it forms part of basic troubleshooting.