WD TV Live is painfully slow to navigate

hi, I’ve had a WD TV Live for about a month now and I cant work out why my unit is SO SLOW to navigate the local network or local storage? I take it from the lack of complaints on here that everybody elses units must work ok. Its so slow that it’s just confusing and tonight we just gave up trying to watch a movie. The Astone unit this replaces worked brillantly and I thought this would be better…Any thoughts whats going on??? Thanks

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Are you connected to your network via wired or wireless?  I connect via wired and have no issues navigating to my two NAS units and finding/playing content.

Hi fhall1, I’ve actually tried connecting by wired and wireless but its still slow, But if others are quick to navigate then its something wrong with my setup/unit. I should also have added that its ALWAYS crashing and locking up so as I have to unplug the power and reset it,  

Thanks for the response though

I have the same problem here.

This is a new WD TV Live Gen3 and it’s slow to reproduce videos (.mp4 as well) and the menu navegation becomes very slow very frecuently.

I have firmware release 2.01.86 (12/10/2013) and I’m using Windows Share over a wireless network.

A wired connection is not an option in this case and the product specs doesn’t request that. Anyway the WD TV shows 2 of the 3 bars in white so it doesn’t seem to be a wireless network issue.

Do I have a defective WD product?

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