WD TV Live is not connecting to MYBOOKLIve as network share

I’m trying to stream files from MBL through a Netgear router to WD TV Live SMP. I can select MBL as a content source in WD TV Live as media server or network share - it is recognized.
I can actually connect via media server and browse through the folders on MBL but I can’t connect via network share. When I try to connect via network share I receive an error message stating “Unable to connect to selected source…”
I have rebooted all devices several times.  Any suggestions? Thanks


Please browse to the configuration page of the NAS device and ensure that sharing is enabled, a folder or the device is shared, and if applicable, that a user account with correct permissions has been created.

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Thanks. I figured it out last night and it was pretty much what you’ve suggested.  It was a stupid mistake on my part. I was entering into Network Shares -Windows Shares-MyBookLive-…and then, this is where I made the mistake. Instead of entering a user name and password I was entering the name of the NAS device and password. I finally realized I shoud be going in as a user and then it worked.

I’m a newbie.
Also, I just realized I should create shares for each media section if I want a more efficent entry point for my files on the WD TV Live.
My next step is to figure out how to enter metadata that does not automatically get downloaded. Semms like the thumbgen xml doesn’t work with Titan.