WD TV Live is Awesome!

Anyone else agree? For the price, its great. Sure, DVD menus would be nice - but go and pay twice the price for a system that does that.

I’ve been using it for about a month now and am always pleased with its performance.

Lets give WD a chance. I’m sure they’ll sort out the mp4 issue, and perhaps DVD chapters…and then maybe I won’t be the only happy customer on the forum!

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Yes I agree.  I received one for Christmas and I am really enjoying it.  I am sure additional/improved features will be added thru fw once they are ready to go to make it even better.

I fully agree with the guys above. Any improvement will only add to the joy we have. Afterall, no player is perfect today. Tell me one with no issues and bugs.

It does what it says on the tin. (For some of us.:wink:)

Yea, I love mine!!!  Would like to have more features (or good media server software for Mac that ads more features) but for the under $100 I paid it’s an amazing box! I’d personally like to hear less griping about it and more how to get the max out of it…which I wish there was a forum for.

Hopefully WD will fix bugs before adding more features. I know that these devices work fine for a lot of people, but there are some glaring bugs that affect many others.

I used to use a wireless laptop and VGA into my LCD… the WD Live TV connection is great.true HDMI…I hope they include more internet based features, like streaming. I am happy with my purchase.

Couldn’t agree more, with all the new enhancements and additions of the new .27 firmware !

At the current pace - maybe .55

I am definitely satisfied with my WDTV Live.  I’ve been converting my entire DVD collection to MKV because of this guy.  It has definitely been a good experience overall.  Also, when cleaning the house or having a party, I’ll load up an mp3 playlist and then go into flickr and set it to randomize the last 7 days interesting photos.  It’s a pretty sweet feature instead of just using the crappy WD screensaver.  I wish the device played Netflix On Demand, but other than that it definitely meets my needs.

I’ve definitely run into some issues though.  There are some audio sync problems on certain files.  I haven’t pinpointed exactly, but it looks like MP4s and Xvid AVIs with AAC audio according to other’s reports.  So it’d be nice if the device fully supported, without defect, all of the media types that it says it supports.  But I can’t complain because it saved me from having to by a bluray player to get hi-def movies.

So far the files that play best are MKV with AC3 or DTS audio, and at any video bitrate (even hi def).  I’ve been using Handbrake for all of my encodings.

There are some minor issues in the interface.  For example, if you can’t connect to your network file share, it doesn’t really tell you something like “no file shares found” at which point it’d be time to go investigate.  You’re left wondering if it’s a WDTV issue or an issue with your computer hosting the file share.  Also, there’s no way to hard reset the device through software (that I know of).  You have to get up and unplug the power.  There are other things like no internal volume output control, a remote with very few buttons, and no power button that detract from the overall greatness of the device.  But otherwise I’m very pleased so far.

I am selling mine because they removed USB HUB support.  Having to plug/unplug/plug my 7TB of drives is a pain in the arse.

Stupid choice, WD, in removing that feature…