WD TV live - invalid username or password

I’m connecting to a Mac computer. Everything was working well up until yesterday (although it did take significant effort to connect in the first place), and then out of the blue today I get the message “invalid username or password. Please try agaiin”. 

I’ve done everything I can think of, including leaving the password blank, leaving both the username and password blank, re-entering the correct username and password, changing the username and password on my Mac and entering these details on WD TV, capitals, lower case, correct case (as it actually is). I’m drawing a complete blank and nothing I have read anywhere in this forum or on the web is giving me any hints. I even reset the WD TV to factory settings and started again - but I can’t connect. 

Please help! Any advice is appreciated, as it’s all worth a try.



What firmware are you running on the device?

Also reset the network devices.


My firmware version is 2.01.86.

I’ve now tried resetting the network computer, modum and wdtv device - no success so far. 

Thanks for your suggestions - any other ideas?

My computer is not a Mac, it’s a PC clone, but I’ve had similar “invalid username or pw” issues when seemingly nothing has changed.  First, make sure your network name in the WD TV Live still matches the network name of your computer; I’ve even at times had to rename the network on the PC and make the change in the WD to fix this issue.  Also make sure the appropriate folders are correctly shared on the network.  These suggestions may not even apply to Mac, so if so, disregard.

For those of you experiencing WDTV Media Player or WDTV Live Network Shares problems with Mac computers and receiving invalid username password errors, I found my problem to be related to Guest User sharing privileges. What I did was click my Apple icon and go to System Preferences and select Users & Groups. Next, I selected Guest User and checked the 2 boxes for : Allow guests to log in to this computer Allow guest users to connect to shared folders. This assumes that you have followed WD Answer ID #8538 for Sharing Media to Access Through SMB and AFP. I would only say that nothing needs to be checked in the Windows Sharing box where the example shows WDLab. That part I did not need to do. Hope this helps some of you out there with similar problems.

found a thread that deals with this thank you