WD TV Live Interface


I really wish I tested the software interface before buying this device. Does anyone know it there are plans to redesign/change the WD TV Live software interface. I bought mine recently and the interface is frustrating to say the least. Is there any way to have a timeline shown when viewing moves and then move the viewing position accordingly? Also would be nice to be able to set bookmarks etc. I am getting tired of fast-forwarding movies at 16x speed to the point where I last stopped viewing.

The navigation can be very confusing with the many levels. Is there no other simple and more intuitive interface available?

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Unless you want to try B-Rad’s third party firmware there is no alternative to the current WD Live interface nor is there ever likely to be.

For your FF problems, try pressing the skip ahead button while fast forwarding (it moves ahead 10 minutes at a time).

In case you weren’t aware, the LIVE will remember where you left off and ask you if you want to RESUME where you left off.  Are you not seeing that?

If you have a “NEWER” unit, this data is discarded when powered down. 

If you have an “OLDER” unit, this data is only discarded if you unplug the power.

Either way, given that the power savings is about 5 to 6 watts, is it worth about $10.00 PER YEAR in power just to leave it on all the time?   That’s what I do…

Yeah, but Tony you leave LOTS of stuff on all the time (it adds up – you probably spend $100+ each year on things you don’t use at least 12 hours a day).

Some of us don’t feel comfortable with that – and add into that the power flucuations many of us get around the country (well, Florida IS the lightning capital of the U.S.:>) and leaving stuff on all the time just ain’t practical.  I really wish the Live/Plus would store bookmarks to solid state memory or at the very least to a locally attached drive (hey, it caches the thumbs, why not last played info?).  We know it will stubbornly write the WD folder/file even with media library turned off, so it could also write the last played for each file without trouble.

Totally agree; it should be saved to NVMEM of some sort…

Yeah – I put in a you know what on the you know what .