WD TV Live incompatible with Panasonic Viera


Today I bought a WD TV Live SMP.

I own a 2 weeks old panasonic viera tx-p46g30 which works fine with a dbv-c tuner from cisco  over HDMI and DLNA over ethernet.

When I connect the WD TV SMP I can watch video, use apps and play mp3’s, problem is there is no sound at all.

I flashed to newest firwmware and reset all settings, tried 2 different hdmi cable and tried different slots, nothing works, no audio at all. Also sometimes whe starting up the ‘desktop’ is visible but completely pink?

I tried to install the SMP on my samsung 24" lcd monitor and it works fine there with audio.

Can someone help? I’m actually not that noob that I did something wrong, seems an incompatibility between the tv and the SMP.

Should I call phone support or something? Any suggestions?

thanks in advance

have you gone into the audio section of the tv to see if there’s a setting you need to change on the specific hdmi input?

have you tried both stereo and auto for audio on the SMP?

Edit…whoops…missed that you tried the HDMI cables already. But…maybe it’s worth a shot to try a HIGH quality or more recent (HDMI 1.4?) cable?? Your problem sounds exactly like mine.


When I VERY FIRST unwrapped my box, I was so happy to get it going. After having previous generations, I was sure it would set up in no time.

Needless to say I was disheartened that my dashboard was PINK sometimes, and I couldn’t get it to output to 1080p…kept saying that my TV was not compatible with that resolution. Uhh…no. There also was NO SOUND!

After nearly 2 hours and moving it back and forth between 2 different TVs, I had the bright idea of switching HDMI cables. I grabbed the most recent HDMI cable I could find, hooked it up, and…MAGIC. No more pink dashboard and I could now output to 1080P.

Don’t know if that’s your prob…but might be worth a shot.

2 things to check…

Firstly that the tv is setup properly to receive audio over hdmi.

Secondly that you have setup the wdtv properly to only send audio formats the tv can receive - i.e. in the WD TV setup there is an area where you can select the formats that your TV can decode, or make the WD TV decode them. This probably needs setting up

thanks for the support so far… :smiley:

I managed to get the SMP working, I think it was the cable because I now switched cables from the dvb-c box to the SMP.

What is it that makes a hdmi cable different or incompatible? Are there any different hdmi outputs on the tv maybe?

Because now I have an issue with the dvb-c box, with 2 different cables, I have 3 in total but 1 is only working properly.

Trying to figure out what the issue is exactly, tonight I gonna borrow a friend’s hdmi to check if we can solve the issue…