WD TV Live: improve external drive file access time?

When I connect an exgternal drive to my WD TV Live player, the loading time to be able to pick a file to play is annonying.

Typicaly it takes a minute or more before one can select to change to foilder view, all in all it takes a few minutes.

In contrast to this when I connect an external drive to my generic brand DTR and I can access and play a file in a lot less than 1 minute.

Could this access time be improved?


Try resetting the media player.

What firmware are you running?

I have the current firmware from this month, but have not checked external drive access on it yet.

I looked in the manual to see the Reset button is on the bottom of the device. It says pressing it will reset to factory defaults, does that mean it goes back to factory installed firmware?

No it stays with the same firmware, it just resets user settings to defaults. If you have a problem, resetting can sometimes cure it. Fully boot up your player, press the paperclip / cocktail stick button for a couple of seconds and then release. On releasing the button the player should reboot.

You can also do it via the setup / system menu.

I did a reset, loading my password still takes a few minutes compared to a lot quicker access on my DTR.Does anyone else see this loading time?