WD TV Live Hub Won't Play TrueHD Audio?

How do I make this work? I ripped some of my BLu Ray Movies into ISO but about 30% of them are TrueHD Audio. Video is perfect but no Audio. Please help! Forgot to mention. I update to the Lastest Version but still not working!

I have the same problem and this forum solved the problem!

The HUB cannot play DDTRUEHD audio because of licensing issues.  Western Digital would have to pay a fee for us to play movies with that sound codec. I had to re-rip my blu rays and pick the lower sound quality. The HUB cannot process TRUEHD audio. So TRUEHD, DOLBY DIGITAL TRUEHD etc will not play.

Please accept as solution and give kudos!!


In the AnandTech review of the Hub ( link), he makes specific mention of Dolby TrueHD working (not in MKVs but in M2TS containers).  It could be that the Hub is not correctly bitstreaming from ISO containers.  Can you convert an ISO to M2TS and test that?

The licensing issue WD has is with DTS and not being able to pass-through DTS-HD MA, I think heid4055 might be getting the two mixed up.

Thanks for the post! My answer was from my hub NOT playing DDTRUEHD in MKV files. So as far as that is concerned, it is not able to play…

Hopefully we can get more info from the creator of the post so we can help him!

Dolby TrueHD passthrough to a receiver via HDMI is supported, but the Live Hub does not support decoding it.

I did both by ripping the movies into ISO and Folders (contained M2TS Files) but no luck. Just wonder when WD will provide this option so I don’t have to use my Blu ray Player. This is the only issue I have so far. 

I am using MKV containers and TRueHD works just fine passing thru HDMI.

Are you SURE its TRUE HD? Meaning, do you only have this in you rmkv or do you also have another audio stream in that container? 

In wd tv live i have good true-hd sound via hdmi to a sony str dh 800.

If anybody else can play TRUEHD please post!

I have my blu rays in MKV with only TRUEHD audio stream selected and it WILL NOT PLAY. 

However, if I have the mkv and different audio codecs selected it will play. The HUB cannot decode truehd but if I have a backup it will revert to the other audio…

The people successfully getting TrueHD seem to be connecting via HDMI to an A/V receiver that decodes Dolby TrueHD.

I don’t think it’ll work via Optical (not enough bandwidth?) and, as Guy has pointed out that the Hub won’t decode TrueHD, it won’t work when connecting straight to a TV (as no TV can decode TrueHD).

For all the people NOT getting Dolby TrueHD, can you post how you’re connecting to your TV and whether you’re using an AVR that decodes TrueHD?

Optical can passthrough till dts-dd.Nothing more.It hasnt the bandwitch.I have play via hdmi file with 4605 bitrate true-hd.Its really good.I hope in next firmware can passthrough dts-ma too.Most ofthe movies have dts-ma.

I have Sony HT-SS370 surround home system and I just found out that it doesnt  decode Dolby True HD or Master DTS HD. HOWEVER, the receiver accepts LPCM signals. So, if your Blu-Ray player can send an LPCM signal and it has onboard decoders for those codes (and I believe they all do), then you can still experience everything Dolby True HD and Master DTS HD has to offer. If you’re lost at this point, I’ll put it this way. If you have a PS3 and this sound system, you’re getting the full “HD” sound offered by Blu-Ray discs. Just make sure your PS3 is set to send Blu-Ray audio via LPCM, not Bitsreaming. Also, you need to connect your PS3 with HDMI to make this happen. 

So my MKV files with TRUE HD will not play from the Live hub to the sony home system!!!

I hope this cleared it up for everybody.

Yes, it is passing DDTRUEHD thru the HDMI…  My receiver lights up the DDTRUEHD indicator when I select the DDTRUEDD audio on the movie. If I select just Dolby, then light goes off.  In addition if the movie is 7.1 channel DDTRUEHD, then all my 8 channels light up.  Again I am using MKV container generated my MakeMKV.

My experience I had DD TrueHD going to thr receiver just fine.  I used optical out to receiver and set Live Hub settings to pass digital through. 

What is your setup? 

Live Hub -> HDMI -> TV or Live Hub -> optical ->A/V?

What is your audio out settings?

With this additional info someone with more knowledge then me will be able to help you.

I have no problem playing TrueHD from MKVs. I have hub connected via HDMI to a Yamaha RX-V667. TrueHD registers fine on the amp LCD display.

Connected like this:

WD TV Live Hub ==> Yamaha RX-V667 ==> Pioneer Plasma

Only got new amp after Christmas, so was hoping this would work from hub and glad it does perfectly. Just need to re-rip my BluRays and HD-DVDs as I previously stripped out HD audio tracks to save space.

What? You can ear TrueHD? How?

I have a Samsung BD-C6900 that can read TrueHD, connected to the Hub using an Optical cable a HDMI for Video… Then the Samsung BD also connects to the TV, but i get no audio…

I have Digital Passthrough via Optical activated…

What is your settings?

Please let us know because i really thought HUB could not ready TrueHD audio…


I believe that TrueHD will only passthrough via the HDMI, it will not passthrough the optical.

Tinwarble wrote:

I believe that TrueHD will only passthrough via the HDMI, it will not passthrough the optical.

That is also my understanding of the situation.  Optical does not have sufficient bandwidth for anything greater than 2-channel lossless audio.

Today, I got my new AVR: a Pioneer VSX-1020-k.  

Connecting via HDMI (audio set to output Digital via HDMI only), I’m able to get Dolby TrueHD audio correctly passed-through from M2TS and MKV containers.

Connecting via Optical (audio set to output Digital via Optical only), regular audio is working fine (e.g. DD5.1 and DTS) but the same Dolby TrueHD files that play without issue over HDMI are silent via Optical.

If you want Dolby TrueHD, you need to be connecting via HDMI. 

What? Are you for real? Optical does not allow TrueHD? **bleep**! I will check that info tonight! Wicked, i really thought optical was better. Thanks