WD TV LIVE HUB With NO Internet Connection

If you just wanted to us eteh Live Hub with your own private network with NO internetconnection woudl teh device still function as normal aprt from the ONline elements of corse ?

No error message I mean ?!?!


Humble request to consider another opinion.

I’m a huge fan of the WDTVLH.  Having said that, WD continues to fix bugs via firmware updates.  Without the ability to execute firmware updates via a live internet connection you are remanded to the state of quality of the firmware at purchase.  Same thing in three words: No bug fixes.

Before I’m reminded that you can update the firmware via USB, you either need an internet connection to get the firmware update on a fob or the keys to the front door of Western Digital and a map to the room the server containing the updates resides in.  …and Mandarin lessons probably wouldn’t hurt.



Given the state of some the recent updates, leaving it at the firmware you bought it with is not necessarily a bad thing. You can also get the update if you want it from a friend / internet cafe or in the UK, any library.