Wd tv live hub > wd my book world edition

Is it possible to get transferring speed higher than 100Mbps between two devices with Gbe?

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You wont even get close to that! I have the WD My Book premium edition, the sharespace, and the WD Passport… They are all rather slow in transfer speed. I stopped transferring and now just plug them in via the usb port and play content off of that! I dont even use the internal storage of the hub! Sad, I know…

The Hub has a GbE port but it performs more like a 100Mbit port.  

The issue seems to be the processing speed of the unit, it’s not really designed for file transfer performance.  Even over a decent wireless-N connection, transfer speeds are disappointingly slow.

Fastest speeds I’ve seen people report over GbE on the Hub are 12-15MB/sec, which is a little above the theoretical max of 100Mbit (so there is some gain to be had from the GbE connection).