WD TV Live Hub - Watch & Connecting Directly from PC/Laptop plus Subtitles

Hi! Just bought several of this WD Live Hub for myself and for my friends. And those who saw the functionality of this device will be buying also. They loved it!

But some questions from my friends struck me with regards to some connectivity issues without connecting to a router or switch  like:

  1. Can they watch from their laptop? (without connecting to a router/switch) I was thinking some laptops have VGI (female) I’ll just tell them to buy an HDMI to VGA connector, will it work? (oh crap the sound! How about HDMI to HDMI?). Any other suggestions? Some of them travel a lot and will be bringing their laptop and this device.

  2. Is there a better a way to connect the WD TV Live directly to the PC or Laptop to access it’s content without connecting to a router or switch? (some firmware perhaps, Yohoo! WD programmers!) Some of my friends are not techy enough to change the settings in their LAN connection and I won’t be with them all the time to assist. They are just regular user who love this device and love watching movies.

  3. Subtitles. Some movies in our WD drives are in AVI, MKV, MPEG, etc. How to activate/show the subtitle in WD TV Live? In PowerDVD I was able to select subtitle and it works. But somehow with the WD Hub Live it doesn’t. Or I am not doing it right.

And please don’t suggest “why not connect directly to a router” some people have different needs and wants. WD TV Live Hub is a “good” multimedia device but it can be “better”. :smiley:

Answer to your questions:

  1. If what you are trying to do is to use the laptop as the hub’s tv, that is not possibe because the laptop’s VGA port is output only not input unless the laptop or pc has a video capture card wherein you can input video.

  2. You can connect the laptop and the hub directly using an ethernet cable. If the laptop’s ethernet port is a gigabit ethernet port, you can use a regular ethernet cable but if its not, you need to use a crossover ethernet cable.

  3. The hub’s remote control has a subtitle button. Just click that to make it appear.