WD TV Live Hub vs Boxee

Hi, which is better? I currently own a WD TV Live Hub which is hooked up to a new 50" Panasonic VT25 Plasma TV via HDMI. I have a couple 2 TB External Hard drives filled with movies which are hooked up to my WD TV LIve Hub. Do you think it’s worth it to get a Boxee?  Thanks

It’s entirely subjective as to which one is better.  It’s going to be up to you.

I had a boxee right after they first came out.  I sent it back to Amazon two months later.

I bought ANOTHER hub, so now I have two.

I prefer the fact that the Hub’s UI is much more intuitive, modifiable, and XML *WORKS*.

The Boxee doesn’t let you change how you display your files.   Every file must be in its own folder if you expect thumbnails to work correctly.   The Boxee doesn’t support User-editted metadata, instead it insists on scraping it itself, and for about 15% of my content, always got the wrong info, and you CANNOT fix the wrong info.

The Boxee also, at the time, did not have NetFlix (They were three months late getting it to work) whereas the Hub had it from day one.

BOTH boxes have bugs.  Boxee is more upfront on what they’re doing to fix them, but the bugs are still there.

So, just do your homework and make your own opinions.

I have  WD Hub, and i like it a lot. The only thing i don’t like is that it doesn’t have built in web browser, and i think that Boxee has it.