WD TV Live Hub Streaming Issue

HI, when I try to stream recorded TV from my computer it starts up fine, all video and audio, after about 6 seconds I loose audio and video becomes jerky. I have some computer knowledge but limited.

Recorded TV is from Windows media center, HTPC running Win 7 Ultimate, Hardwired network(cat 5e), 2 Wire router

I think the problem lies somewhere on my HTPC but I am baffled and don’t know where to look.

Also I have Norton 360 running on the HTPC, could this be a firewall problem?

I would appreciate any help.


Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.


Thanks for looking her is the text

General           : C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\Anderson_WDIVDT_2011_10_13_14_58_00.wtv Format            : MPEG Video at 13.7 Mbps Length            : 6.21 GiB for 1h 4mn 56s 34ms

Video #0          : MPEG Video at 13.1 Mbps Aspect            : 1920 x 1080 (1.778) at 29.970 fps

Text #0           : EIA-608

Text #1           : EIA-708

I hope this helps

Thanks Again


.wtv is not supported by the WD TV Live hub, actually, that is a Windows (Microsoft) proprietary extension.

Is there any way to change this recording format?

or additional software to be able to stream to wd live hub