WD TV Live Hub -- stream to --> WD TV Live - possible?


I want to buy both WD TV Live HUB and WD TV Live.

WD TV HUB would be connected to the tv in living room, WD TV  to the tv in second room (both by HDMI). They would be connected to the same switch by Gigabit Ethernet.

Now, my question is - will HUB work as DLNA server for WD TV? I.e. will it be possible to watch on tv in second room,(connected to cheaper WD TV) movies streamed from WD TV HUB in living room? I don’t want to have any computers turned on - just tvs, those two WDs and router of course.

Second question - if WD TV HUB can act as server for WD TV - can WD TV HUB play one movie by HDMI to tv, and stream other movie to WD TV simultaneously?

Please answer only if you are sure - I don’t want to spend money, connect everything and discover that , no, it doesn’t work :frowning:

If it won’t work I’m considering buying two WD TVs and some NAS - but would rather want to have 2 devices instead of 3.

Thank you!!

1st question - YES.   The Hub has a built-in Twonky Media Server.

2nd question- YES.   It can play its own content while simultaneously streaming other content to another device.

I’m thinking of the same setup with the Hub in one room and the WD TV Live in another and I have another question along the same lines. If I were to connect an external hard drive to the Hub, can I also stream its content to the WD TV Live?

Yes, that should work as well, but streaming isn’t really the right word. Think of the hub as Network Attatched Storage in this situation.

My setup is exactly what you are describing and it will work fine. I have a LiveHub in the livingroom and a LivePlus in the bedroom. They can both access media that is attached to the other without issue. Can be done via network share or through media server.

For me, the reason I have this setup is that I upgraded to the HUB when it came out so was able to move the LivePlus to the other room. If I were buying from scratch I would buy two HUBS. Although I keep most of my media on a seperate file server, it is nice to have some built in space and the cost for the 1TB is reasonable, and second and probably more important, you need local space on the device if you plan to use linksheets with a theme. The SMP does no have enough storage space on the drive (just 30mbs) so you would be limited in your theme choices.


Well in that case, do I even need the Hub? Can I achieve the same goal with 2 WD TV Live boxes?  I have one now and it serves my purposed just fine, (I don’t care about themes) and I simply wanted to add a second one to the bedrrom and be able to access my external drive attached to the one in the living room.  I don’t need any extra storage space as the 3Tb on my external drive should hold me over for a while. I was under the impression that only the Hub had the ability to share files, but could 2 TV Live boxes share with each other?

Thanks for the replies BTW

Yes that would work fine. WD devices see each other just like they see other computers on your network. Connect to the network shares on the other box and you can play the videos/music


Excellent! Thanks again!