Wd tv live hub router connection problem

hey ive been searching some info about my problem for several months so ure my last hope… i gonna kill myself if i dont solve this one, but from the beginning, i have wd tv live hub for some time and it was connected to my wireless router by the network cable and everything was perfect, i had the acces from my laptop, my pc etc also wireless becouse of router. then suddenly one day the connecion stopped and i dont know why, it is broke till now. the most courious thing is that i have the connection when i connect wd to my pc or lap by the network cable directly without router, so i think there is somethink broken between router and wd, but when im checking connection automaticly it doesnt work, when im using ip addresses from pc it doesnt work too. i tired everythink and it doesnt work. i really need help i think that there was a similar problem before so please help me! thanks a lot

Hello, try resetting the router or setting up a manual IP for the WD TV. You can also press the reset button on the bottom side of the WD TV for one second.