WD TV Live Hub Remote not working


 I buy a product WD TV Live Hub from e-bay India. It was sealed piece. When I opened and installed for view. I am very upset to see that some keys of remote not working like navigation down side button,Power Button, Search Button and some more Button.Some time these keys Work Some time not work.You know without remote working the product is useless also go for check WD forum their I saw their are many people are effected for not working remote.where is the fault. I think in the production of remote their is some fault. So please tell me what is the solution for me.


MANY people?   That’s a touch of hyperbole, no?

At any rate, I doubt you’ll be able to claim warranty service since vendors on eBay generally aren’t authorized resellers, but you could try…

Buying ANYTHING off eBay is a gamble, sealed or not.


Try different batteries in the remote.

Try resetting the hub. Press the bottom paperclip button for a few seconds and then release with the hub fully booted up. It should reboot.

Ensure that the the unit is not flooded with light, from nearby lamp or the sun.


send an email to wd support.

Got the same problem as you, and they mailed me a new remote by post.


Try the steps listed in: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6746/