Wd Tv live hub problem

I recently acquired a WD tv live hub and i am trying to connect to my computer to access the media on it and it is asking for a username and password I never set one and it wont accept just anonymous with the default password, someone please tell me how to fix this

You probably have Windows Live Essentials 2011 installed on you PC.

I do not have that installed

We really need more details. What version of windows for starters.

I have windows 7 ultimate 32 bit, I have allowed media sharing for the Wd Tv

Read section 2 of the LIVE FAQ here. http://community.wdc.com/t5/General-Discussions/WDTV-FAQ/m-p/32135#U32135

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Thanks for all the help i finally fixed it

OOps forget below, I was too slow typing!. How did you solve it?

You must have at least one user account set up?

I find it very flakey as well, some times it works and sometimes it does not. Are you 100% positive LIve has not sneaked onto your PC?

I assume you can see the Hub from teh PC?

risebelow71 wrote:

Thanks for all the help i finally fixed it

    • *Well, don’t leave us hanging! What did you do?



by default with no password…