Wd tv live hub - play to option is an issue, doesn't work

So, after some growing pains, have my network drive working and am able to copy/paste from my windows 8 laptop into the wd media center sitting next to my tv. All is good.

But…if I go to my laptop and select a movie sitting on my hard drive, I rt clk on the movie and select playto, the movie starts to play, stops , the message " unexpected device error occurred"…so I have pretty much given up on this…so I am open to suggestions

Hi, What display/tv are you playing to?  I assume the WDTV is directly connected to this display/TV?

Additionally are you playing from File Explorer or Media Player?

Is your laptop connected to your network via cable or WiFi?

Finally what sort of copy speed do you get when you copy files from your laptop to your WDTV Live Hub?