Wd tv live hub not showing on my computer

Hi, I connected my wd live hub to ethernet router. it appears to be pulling or sending information, but i am unable to find the harddrive on the main computer. on my wireless laptop, it shows up no problem , from that i can access videos and play them on the laptop. however , i down load the videos on the main desktop and would just like to drag and drop onto the wd harddrive. any ideas why this is not showing. also i did download the wd discovery hardware , and it says no networks found. i run it on windows xp , so am somewhat frustrated. i am now using a flash drive and loading it on the wd that way , kind of a pain in the butt. any thoughts

Are you sure all computers (including the Hub) are set to have the same network workgroup?

Agreeing with Riddle. XP really likes it when all computers on the local network are on the same workgroup. Go into the setup of the WDTVhub, network configuration, and set the name of the workgroup to the exact same as the XP pc you are using.  XP can take what seem forever to recognize comps on the net that aren’t on the same workgroup. After you do that I suspect the hub will show up almost instantly on your net. That’s exactly what happened here.