WD TV Live hub not recognizing My Book Duo 4 TB capacity drive when connected to USB port

Hi, I have My Book Duo (WDBLWE0040JCH) 4 TB capacity Raid Drive. I plugged it in the USB port of WD TV Live Hub 1 TB, but it is not recongnized under Local storage (or under any storage type). Could you please let me know if there are any restrictions about drive capacity or provide me a workaround or suggestions. Thanks in advance.



People have reported 4 TB drives to work, in NTFS though. ExFAT is not supported.

WD My Book Duo is pre-formated with with NTFS, I am using it right out of the box. (Text from WD Product page: My Book Duo ships preconfigured in RAID 0 for maximum performance. Pre-formatted NTFS, My Book Duo is ready to use right out of the box for Windows OS users.)


But this is not getting recogniged when i plugged into USB port of WD Live Hub.

Dumb question, but have you already connected the drive to a PC to ensure that it’s functioning properly? What about checking the firmware version of your WD TV? I know they seem obvious, but I would always try to eliminate the fast and easy checks first to save some time.

Yes, it is functioning correctly and I gave added 2 TB media files to the drive.