WD TV Live Hub No Access WD Photos on Mobile Devices After WD Live TV Firmware Upgrade and Rollback


Upgraded WD TV Live Hub from 2.08.13 to 3.00.28. Lost access to WD Photos on Samsung Galaxy II Android Smart Phone. Rolled firmware back to 2.08.13, but stil have only partial access to my WD TV Live Hub photos. Please give me a fix here in this forum.


Other the clearing the cache, a factory restore, re-installing the app and clearing all permissions there’s not much you can do if you already rolled back the firmware, I’d call WD on this one.


You don’t need to do a rollback, just reinstall the application in the phone and remember to restart the phone before reinstall the  WD Photos.


Update on Wed Nov 23 2011: I am using a Samsung Galaxy II Epic smart phone with Sprint service. On the advice of WD Tech Support, I rolled the WD Live TV Hub firmware from v3.xx.xx back to v2.xx.xx. My photo files access in WD Photos rebuilt itself overnight and seems OK now. WD TEch Support advised me to NOT upgrade the firmware to v3 just yet as WD engineers are still working on the upgrade. My thanks to all. Waiting now to see what develops with next firmware version.