WD TV Live Hub, new model?

hi, just want to know if there are plans in the coming weeks / months to get a new version of the WD TV Live hub

thanks in advance…

I know about the smaller wd tv live btw but prefer the extra space with the hub

You will only know when or if WD announce it.

I would LOVE to see a new WD Live Hub v2 released.

What i would like to see,

Faster CPU, More system RAM - better overall system hardware,

Changable internal hdd - can easy slide in and out a bigger hdd for swapping,

I personally would pay more for a media center that is more capable with less performance issues and limitations as the LiveHub has.

At some point we will see a new system, i doubt very much the current live hub is the last hub we will see from WD.

My guess is they are already working on new products as R&D never really stops. I would say in the new year we will see something.

…i could be wrong …lol :stuck_out_tongue: ether way, bring it on… i always have money in hand.

I have on hand all that you need. Send me the money in your hand. :smiley: