WD TV Live Hub Media Player ISSUE

Hello guys, I don’t know if someone have the same issue as me, I have a 2 tb wd hooked to my wd tv live hub everytime I want to watch a movie I must restart the machine so I can read from disk reason of doing that, it keep giving me the loading sign till I restart so the movie can play and when it’s done I need to do the same thing ( restart ) so I can able to play another movie, the movie are MKV.

Any solution for that.

N.B.: I hard reset the machine, firmware  updated

Thank you

for some reasons the hub keeps recognizing the external HDD whenever one of the sources are turned off.

there are 2 ways to speed it up

  1. keep the external drive always powered on, never turn it off

  2. disable library mode, if you don’t use any of the exclusive features from library mode turn it off because it slows down the performance anyways