WD TV Live Hub Media Center Networking recommendation settings


  I have the following networking setup.

WD TV Live Hub Media wired to an Amped (Wiresless) repeater SR10000, Gateway to a D-Link DGL-4500 gamerlounge router, the DGL-4500 wired to xfinity arris router TG862G/CT.

Down/Up Xfinity speed test to nearest server: wiresless connection Using my laptop to each one, with the following results.

via repeater: ping 14ms  8.42mbps/5.88mbps

via D-link DGL-4500: ping 13ms 13.64mbps/5.68mbps

via Arris Router: ping 14ms 28.75mbps/5.96mbps

My issue; while watching netflix it will stop and buffer intermittently, almost all the time I have to reboot to re-establish connectivity for video streaming.

What is the best way to setup my wiresless network for best results for video (Netflix) streaming, and still be able to maintain security.




 It is probable that the wireless repeater has a low wireless signal. You can verify this by connecting the WDTV directly to the router.