WD TV Live Hub keeps loading about 30 minutes when restarted. No local storage (HD) found

The device was working perfectly until a few weeks ago when it a prompted to install a new firmware. When restarting it begun to load and load… The front panel WD logo keeps flashing and there is a notification on the TV screen: Loading… this takes about 30…60 minutes. If finally loads and the device works normally, until the next cold boot. I tried everything, restarting, resetting the factory settings, pressing the hard reset button on the bottom of the device, but all the same, no cure.

The cause of this long boot  time is that it wont find it’s own internal hard drive. I takes about 30…60 minutes until it finally does. This you can confirm by pressing setup from the remote when the device is loading… It lets you to the menus normally and there from SYSTEM/ Storage Status: Local Storage - not found!!  Until about an half hour later, when everything is OK. Until the next cold boot, that is, when it all starts again…

Why could this be, the hard drive is probably OK, since it is working normally after it finally has been found.

And I wish not to get an answer telling me to re-format the hard drive, since it took more than 30 hours to transfer all the data, nearly 10 000 of photos and home movies, the file transfer being ridiculously slow as known, even when using the LAN. Couls it be that the large amount of files is the cause of this?

Any ideas how to fix this? Today I found a firmware update 2.06.10, hoped that it would fix the issue, but NO. Loading… Loading…

WD support, hey, we need your attention!!

This is great, but dont create multi threads, how is anyone supposed to reply to you.

Go back to your last post and read it.

And you have changed the symptoms from just a couple of minutes ago. ?

No, I have not changed the symptoms, just trying to describe what’s wrong with my WD TV Live Hub and find a solution. I answered another thread what was about an incredibly long boot time. Now I am just clarifying that reason is that the device does not find its own hard drive. Somebody might have the same problem and searches it  with that title.

Well do a roll back of the firmware like I said in the other post.

But if you read his answers, it was to re-format the drive, which it would not do.

It maybe your hard drive is on its way out too ? I would say that it looks similar, so you may be in the same situation as he is, an RTM, but try a rollback first.