WD TV LIVE hub keep rebooting in slide show

Hi, Can anyone help - I am getting desperate. My WD TV Live Hub keeps rebooting when in slide show. This happens both, if I wait for screen saver or just enter slide show. I have tried with the network cable connected or disconnected and it still happens. I have sort and filter set to folder view. Does that make a difference ? Just tried filtering by date/year and it seemed ok. Went back to folder view and it rebooted within a minute or so. Has anyone seen this and know how to fix? I think it may ba corrupt directory structure - but have no idea how to fix. Can anyone help before it goes in the crusher? Trevor

I suggest you to backup your data from the Hub, format it using its Disk Manager, then perform a Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I am giving that a try. Just loading my data back now. Trevor