Wd tv live hub internal drive disconnected

The 1 tb live hub unit is about two years old when i power it up it flashes a quick message that displays internal drive is disconnected reconnect drive if problem continues please contact support.wdc.com . Once that is gone it lets you use the interface and everything seams to function except access to the internal drive and will not let you update the firmware is the unit done /toast any help would be great 

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you posted in the german forum but anyway, i understand your issue but i guess i can’t solve it. did the unit fell down or something? is it possible to eject the internal drive like an external?

power off remove psu, and make sure hd cable is connected correctly, or drive is failing… backup what you have

buy another hd install it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9SzJfuzFTk