WD TV Live Hub. How can this be set up as a media extender

trying to set this up as a media extender…similar to way xb360 is set up. Can this be done.


I’m not sure if other users understand what you mean.  What do you mean by “media extender”?  The Live Hub works with Samba shares, where you can look out over your network and play media that’s set to be shared over the network; or, you can look for Media Servers, and play media from them.  When you set it up for media servers, you can play from them through the hub, live, live plus to your TV, etc.  What is it you are trying to do?

Extenders are specifically setup to work with Windows Media Center Edition OSes. While they can stream lots of different formats of audio and video (mostly those supported by Windows Media Player), they are primarily designed for streaming programming recorded to a PC via Windows Media Center, which is actually embedded in the extender as its OS. Unfortunately, the format used for these recordings is not supported by any WD TV device, so you won’t be able to use one as a replacement for an extender. I have both connected for this very reason. I hope that a future firmware update will add .wtv format (the WMC codec) so I can ditch my extender, but until then…