WD TV Live Hub Freezes during HD playback


Im new to this forum. I have searched similar postings but have found nothign relevant.

I have a WD TV Live HUB and all video content is stored on the internal hard drive. All content was created using MakeMKV and Handbrake. My problem appears to be only with content ripped from a bluray as regular DVD’s playback fine.

After less than 10 minutes of play, all HD video content freezes the Live hub with the swirling arrow in the middle of the screen. I can still back out to the main menu though. If I am watching an MKV file ( created same was as HD videos) that was created from a DVD the video will play from start to end without problems.

I have the latest firmware on this device and is running as a stand alone system not connected to any network or internet.

Try posting the media info