WD TV Live Hub for Output to Two Sony Wegas ... Split Component vs Composite and Component

This (hopefully) quick question is a part of my other quick question on this board (what an awesome and informative group of folks … you guys are selling me more on the live hub than WD themselves which is a sign of a great product and a great forum).

I am guessing that the chances are slim of somebody being in the exact same scenario as me (I don’t have a live hub yet … learned about it yesterday):

  • I have two old yet working Sony Wega tube TVs that I generally won’t trash until they die (they go and go) … one above the other on different floors

  • intend to buy the live hub and make my media available to both TVs via either:  one component going to the larger 32" TV and one composite going to the smaller 27" TV OR split the component to both TVs

I realize that my picture will **bleep** on both TVs next to HDTVs and that is fine with me but has anybody tried either scenario or knows enough to compare splitting a component output (one TV will likely need a 25 foot component or composite cable) vs… using one output for each TV (the inferior composite and the component each to a TV).  I also wonder if a longer cable will degrade the composite or the component video more.


You will not be able to use both interface, component and composite at the same time.

If you split, you’ll always degrade, unless you use a distribution amplifier.  See this thread for info: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=788317