WD TV Live Hub Firmware Release 3.01.19 (12/20/11)

I upgraded on 12/21/2011 to Release 3.01.19 (12/20/11). Now I cannot access [again] any of the 10,000 photos that are stored on my WD TV Live Hub or its attached USB drive.

This also happened the last time I upgraded to new Firmware on the Hub. Over the next day I slowly reacquired access to the Hub photos via WDPhoto app.

Is this the way it works?

I don’t think that this is how it is suppose to work, but this happens to me to, few days latter I have full access to my photos, without doing anything.

I am having same problem. Did you find a resolution to this?

I have updated my Live hub and sinds yesterday we have got the same problem. The smart phone finds the Hub drive, but no photo’s!

If a firmware update includes changes to the transcoder used to scale the .jpg/jpeg files on a WD TV Live Hub, it will wipe out the previous files and re-transcode them. 

What is the solution then?

Leonard, please contact support. I have sent you a message.

I don’t know why you just didn’t give the answer, but I found this kb article that may explain what the problem is, along with the solution.


That is a KB article that just went live (you can see the date on the article, 2/9/2012). If it resolves your issue, you do not need to contact support. If it does not, please send me a PM and we’ll arrange a troubleshooting session.