WD tv live hub Firmware 3.12.13 wifi Problem

after updating my tv live hub to 3.12.13  i get problem with wifi ,earlier my wifi work fine but now it is not working properly…

I used Wd router My Net N900 Central…and wifi of Asus which is compatible with tv live hub…
when i connect tv live hub with network then it connect after some time hub is disconnected automatically and reconnect…though i can able to use network and internet for 8-10 min properly then problem is started tv live hub automatically disconnect from network…please suggest what to do i also use another  wifi dongle for live tv but problem remain same and i also factory reset my router and tv live hub please suggest solution…


As a recommendation, try rolling back to the previews firmware.


Make sure that the USB WIFI adapter that you are using is one of the following.

ASUS Wireless USB adapter USB-N10 Rev 0200
ASUS Wireless USB adapter New! USB-N13 PRO N Ver 1.0b
ASUS Wireless-N USB adapter New! USB-N10 Ver 1.0a
ASUS Wireless-N150 USB adapter New! USB-N10 Ver 1.0a
ASUS 802.11 Nework adapter USB-N13

Ver 1.10