WD TV Live Hub / DVDFab Profile

Does anyone here use DVDFab for converting their DVD’s to .mkv files to play on the WD TV Live Hub?  Could you please send me your DVDFab profile that you use?  If not, I have a list of questions that I need answering:

1.  Which .mkv format do I use?

The choices are as follows: 

a) generic.mkv.h264.aac

b) generic.mkv.h264.audiocopy

c) generic.mkv.h264.mp3

d) generic.mkv.xvid.audiocopy

e) generic.mkv.xvid.mp3

f) mkv.remux

2.  What frame resolution should I be using?

I tried setting it up for same as source, but then again, it changes depending on the DVD I want to convert to .mkv format.  So what should it be set at for a modern widescreen DVD, and what for an older full screen DVD?  Or I simply have to select the proper .mkv format and DVDFab will take care of the rest by keeping it as “Same as source”?

3.  What fixed bitrate should I use to get the best quality?

What is the highest bitrate the WD TV Live Hub can use and when does going too high not make any difference or make things worse?  File size is always going to be different depending on the length of the DVD I am converting, so I am looking for a consistent bitrate across all of my DVD’s that I want to convert.

4.  What should my framerate be set at for Region-1 DVD’s?

I thought that the framerate of Region-1 DVD’s (NTSC) was 29.97 fps, while Region-2 DVD’s (PAL) was 23.976 fps.  Depending on the mkv format I select, sometimes DVDFab sets the framerate on my Region-1 DVD to 23.976 fps, and sometimes simply has it as “Same as source”.

5.  What should my audio channel and audio bitrate be set to for the best sound?

The audio channel changes depending on the .mkv format you use.  Either it is set to “Same as source” or it lists mono, stereo, Dolby Digital / ProLogic, Dolby ProLogic II, or 5.1  Multichannel.  Again, this also changes depending the age of the DVD I am converting and what audio tracks the DVD has on it.  What is the best bitrate that I should set each to where as it is the best sound at the lowest rating where any higher not even an audiophile can notice any defects in the sound? 

I would have posted these questions on the DVDFab forums, but then I would have to put up with the BS of people posting that I bought the wrong media player and not really helping me.  Having people in this forum who have the WD TV Live Hub is one step closer to me having the solutions I need.

Thanks for your help.

Or should I be converting my DVDs to another format other than .mkv? I am looking for the best quality video and sound. Should I be using ISOs or .avi? I need some assistance so I can start converting my DVD collection this weekend.

If you’re looking for the best possible quality, then you should not re-encode at all and just create iso files, perhaps leaving out extra content from the dvd if you want to save some space!

Most of my files were in the .avi format. As many as possible were converted to 1280 x 720p to be played on my 32" LCD. I used a portable USB drive to play the movies thru a BluRay DVD player (it had the USB port, TV did not) - it choked on .AVI files. Now that I have the WD Hub, I am converting the .avi files to .MP4 using - FFMPEG' running fromWINFF’ GUI. Source Forge should be the source for at least the command line -ffmpeg-. WIN-FF is Much easier to deal with …  I leave all of my .MKV files alone as they are already 1280x720 and my newer files are in the .M4V format - iPad2 - highly condensed and play just fine.I also am after the highest quailty I can reasonable get and use as many freeware programs as possible, but I do have some shareware that are really good. 1280 x 720 looks about the same as 1920 x 1080 on a 32" LCD - can not tell the difference.

 For FFMPEG (WIN-FF) I use the instuctions for 1280 x 720, 16:9 aspect ration and 2 channel sound. Selected MPEG4 -Very High Quality ( it has High, Very High and Super High ). I convert about 10 files at a time - it does batch conversions - and it takes all night and uses almost 100% of my 4-core CPU time. The box does get very warm …


Sorry, I completly mis-read your question …

 Looks like you will have A Lot of work to do … It might be easier to use the Torrent system and download your favorite movies in the format you want. Even though I have the movies on DVDs, I did just that. Now the films are in Hi-Def, widescreen etc… and I did not have to do the conversions - except I have to convert some to another format …

Just a thought …