WD TV Live Hub doesn't stop directly the movie


I have a question about my brand new device (WD TV Live HUB), i’m also new to this forum so hopefully i get some help!

When I press the “stop” button while playing a movie, the movie doesn’t stop directly. The screen turn into black for 1sec…then back to the movie 1sec (sometimes with sound)…back to black screen 1sec…back to movie 1sec than it stops. is that normal?, here’s my setup.

-I’m playing the movie from an external hdd through a usb connection (it does the same on usb1 port and usb2 port)

-I tried both 720p and 1080p movies

-my device still brand new and i can exchange it, so I didn’t update the firmware yet

-it’s connected to my HDTV through hdmi 1.4 connection


That tends to happen if you’re using AUTOFRAMERATE matching… and the MOVIE is 23.97 or 24fps… 

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I changed the setting from hdmi(auto) to hdmi 1080p 60Hz and it’s working fine now, when I stop the movie it stops directly! My question now is I have to change it everytime to match the framerate of the movie? most of my movies if not all are 23.98fps so 60HZ, but do I need to change between 720p60HZ and 1080p60HZ for best results? I know 720p60HZ could affect the 1080p movies but if I keep it on 1080p60HZ does it affect anything below that resolution?

Also what is hdmi deep color used for? I have 8bit and 12bit settings, I can’t compare the images side by side to see what it’s really doing.