WD TV Live HUB does NOT support Netflix in European countries

At the moment - and according too WD - the WD TV Live HUB will NEVER be able to support Netflix in Scandinavia/EU. The EU model of this device does not have the DRM chip that the US model (with the exact same name) does = NO Netflix. Netflix demands use of the DRM chip. 

The problem is that WD is not very quick to tell custoemers - or their dealers - that this limitation exists. The issue has a history - starting with UK in spring and now in Scandinavia where the device is being sold as if it supported Netflix - evnethough it does NOT!

Below is links to a lot of danish webshops selling the WD TV Live HUB with WRONG information about which treaming services it supports. 

WD have a serious problem with communicating the right information to the dealers and customers. The funny thing is, that they could solve this issue just by calling their products diffrent names instead of using the same name for differenet models with different features/limitations. But the IQ at WD must be at a very low level or they just do not listen to their own community and customers. It is so simple to solve this in the future. Come on WD…









Maybe all those stores just got the information form the US WD online store or just from any generic info. that might be the reason why!