WD TV Live Hub - crashes completely?

Hi, everybody!

I’m new to this community. I’ve checked some of the previous topics regarding my problem… some are quite dated, some didn’t offer a solution at that time.

Anyway… I’ve been using WD TV Live Hub for 2 or 3 months. Besides some early troubles to get it right - the thing works just fine.

Until yesterday.

I did upgrade a new firmware a few days ago. Yesterday I was watching some series and WD crashed.

I tried to start it again. It crashed when the “loading Mocchi” screen appears. It shut down again. I tried this for 2 or 3 times more and I gave up. I thought something was wrong, maybe I should wait until the morning… But it wasn’t overheated. WD was hardly warm when touched, so I don’t think that’s the problem…

So, my TV + WD are in my room. My sleep wasn’t good either because WD went a bit crazy - it started turning on by itself (waking me up). Well, turning on and crashing again (I think when it came to the “loading Mochi” screen, I know it by sound). You could hear that “tak tak” sound when it shut down. So that repeated a couple of times… I think I turned it off then by myself(when I saw the ‘WD logo’ light burning on the player). It didn’t stop it to turn off again and crash. I had enough, I turned it off manually and unplugged it.

I hoped this will work by morning. But it didn’t. I plugged it and it crashed again during the “loading Mochi” screen. I cannot even get to the main menus, folders etc. I can’t remember which firmware I have, but it is definitely the latest since it’s been updated a few days ago.

Does anyone recognize this bug? Any help?

…please :slight_smile:

P.S. Maybe it’s worth mentioning - usually I do not turn off WD completely, I just put it to sleep mode. And I did watch a few more series than usual that day… but that’s 4 or 5 series, which sounds ridiculos to mention, but anyway…

Xboxes exhibit the same erratic problem – the surface mount chips overheat and the box behaves erratically. It sounds like your WDTV Live box may have at one stage overheated. It is impossible to re-flash an erratic WDTV Live box. I would contact the WD service department. If it is still under warranty return it and exchange it for a new one.

Do you have another compatible power supply that you can try?

Sounds like you’re experiencing this:


Call WD and ask for a replacement.

Sounds like you’re experiencing this:


PM the WD Forum Moderator bill_s and ask if WD still needs systems that have this issue.   They’ve been having trouble getting some into their labs to identify the cause, but it sounds pretty clear that the power switch is defective on those units.

If Bill doesn’t need any more devices, just call WD Tech Support and ask for an RMA.

Thanks for help, everyone!

Oh, I was considering to replace my WD TV Live Plus with the new Live Hub, but it seems I’d better hold on and do some more research… Anyone get  into the same situation? Is it a hardware or software problem?