WD TV Live Hub, connecting trough Component - RGB SCART

I’ve seen similiar posts on the board, but these seem to be about the WD TV Live, not the Live Hub.

For my Live Hub (arriving by mail tomorrow :smileyvery-happy:) i cant figure out if i will be able to connect it properly.

I’ve read about the difference between Component and RGB, but still cant figure this out :frowning:

Million dollar question(s):

My trusty CRT 100hz Sony Trinitron KV-32FX65B has an RGB SCART input (it has 3 SCART inputs, but only the first supports RGB)

I want to connect it using the WD TV Live Hub Component output using a simple 21pin Component-to-SCART cable. Like this one:

Will this work out of the box? Will i (need) get this to work by switching YUV to RGB in the UI of the Live Hub?

Additionally, my Sony CRT has a 32-inch 16:9 FD Trinitron WEGA panel, if the above works (Component-RGB or RGB-RGB), will RGB come close to 1080i quality?

The link in your post is to a pretty .jpg of colors, not to a picture of a cable.

But if the SCART monitor can handle YPbPr video signals as well as R-G-B, then perhaps it will work. Not all of them can - I think they call it a “non-standard extension” of the SCART interface. Perhaps the book on your tube will tell you?

RGB and YPbPr are simply not  compatible signals and you can’t just hook 'em together.

In the hub, choosing YPbPr or RGB “color space” is for when you are using a hdmi cable, and those signals are digital.

I do believe that COMPONENT can also be changed between YUV (the “Standard” for component video)  and RGB.

I’ll be darned if I can find changing Component to RGB in the setup, or in the book.

Whoa.  You’re right.   I could have sworn it was there, but it’s not…

Maybe it’s the Live/Live+ that does that.

If RGB/YPbPr settings in the hub only control color space of the digital HDMI signal its gonna be a long shot id guess. The book of my tube does not specify if it supports non-standard implementation of SCART, or YPbPr, im gonna try it anyways as i allready have bought the component-scart cable.

Well, this topic can close. As aspected It didnt work on my old tube. Got no signal at all connecting trough component-scart cable. RGB colour scheme is indeed only selectable when using hdmi ouput. So its back to old composite until i decide to get a flat panel.