WD TV Live Hub Can't Connect to Network

Hello. I got the WD TV Live Hub today and it can’t connect to the network. I’ve searched for a couple of hours and I’ve tired a couple of things, but with no luck. When selecting Automatic, it says that it can’t obtain an IP address and that it has limited or no connectivity. When setting it up manualy, it gives me an Incorrect DNS Server error. I have a Tilgin Vood router.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked many times before.

I have the same problem with my WDTV Live.  This is what works for me with it, unplug the power cord for about 10 or 15 min. then plug it back in.

Wired or wireless internet conection?

I have this problem with my D-Link Nano USB adapter (DWA-131) wireless. Wired i have no problems.

Thanks for the replies. I’m using a wired connection. I tried a usb wireless adapter, but it wouldn’t work with the hub. I did manage to make it work though. I connected my PC to the internet using the usb wireless adapter (I don’t mind since the modem/router is in the same room) and I connected the hub to the PC directly (with an ethernet cable). I also bridged the two connections, so that the hub can also go online. After that it took me a while to set up my shared folders, but now it’s working fine. Thanks again.