WD TV Live Hub - Cannot Connect Devices Via Ethernet or USB

I purchased 2 WD TV Live Hubs. I am having problems getting content on to them. The wireless connection works fine, but as I have over 700GB of content I want to put on to them, it is not an option. 

I try connecting my MacBook or iMac to the Hubs via ethernet, but I am unable to get the Hubs to see my Macs. I have exactly the same issue connecting my two Western Digital external hard drives (MyPassport & MyBook Pro) via USB. I have tried following the instructions by selecting “Content Source / Local storage / All Local Storage” but nothing shows up. I have tried power cycling the Hubs and connecting the Hard Drives & Macs both before and after the Hubs are powered on. I have tried removing the wireless USB card I use, and the trying to select “Wired” in Networking (I saw this on the forums), but I never get the “Wired” option. My firmware is up to date. I have also tried resetting the hubs. Nothing works. Surely, it should be a lot easier than this to connect external devices to the Hubs, especially their own Hard Drives. What am I doing wrong? 

Your best bet is to type Mac into the search box, anything Mac releated will pop up.

There seems to be a few people with issues, but I don’t know the answers myself with the connectivity, there may be some answers for you though.

On the hard drive front, all I can think of, is you have them formatted in a way the Hub does not like, because USB is USB, thats all I can think of.