WD TV Live Hub **bleep**!

This product is one of the WORST products that I have EVER encountered. I have been an advide WD support/customer but after spending the $160.00 for this hub i can say that it is a useless piece of technical entertainment machinery.

This hubs rests itself when ever it sees fit, freezes constantly, apps cancel out, when i hook up external hdd it just freezes. For the most part this has become a brick added to my entertainment center. Even if I don’t have it conected to the internet it STILL doesn’t operate correctly.

Basically, the convenience of this product is NON EXISTENT!!! I am extremely pissed at how poorly this product was manufactured and sorry to say that because of it WD has lost yet another customer!


I bought it yesterday.

It confuse me.  No sign or action when key pressed.  You have to wait… and wait …

anyone can help

I have 4 of them.  I’m very happy with all of them.

I do occasionally get a file that it doesn’t like messing with.  It may play it, but jumping to a specific time, fwd/rew doesn’t work too well.  

If it freezes up when I do something like that - I will hit the “home” key and try again, or hit the power key to reset it.  After staying on for weeks at a time a full power reset helps too.

You may have a bad unit (doubt it - but maybe).  Disconnect the external drive and see how it behaves (copy the media to the local drive, play the copied media - try different clips too).  Do you have it connected to the network?  I have mine all wired up - makes a difference.  Also - update your firmware.

I agree, after a little over two years of ownership I’m getting fed up with this thing. It likes to kick me out of Netflix or reboots for no reason when I press ‘play’ on the remote, it doesn’t do it all the time but enoughh to tick me off. It is also very slow to respond, and if it feels like, it will reboot again!!! How do you like that? A lot of times, the HD format picture would only display at 288-408 bit rate (a mere Standard Def) and not even close to the maxed-out Netflix 720p. Also, there seems to be a problem with audio unless I reboot the device, otherwise – no sound, just picture!

Hello everyone,

I was not expecting to get this much attention about the product however glad to see that I am not the only one that is frustrated with this product. I mean if I didn’t pay as much for it I would not be complaining…wait who am i kidding, yes i would, lol. I like the fact that I don’t have to convert my movie files however outside of that there are other products out there doing the same thing without the headache.

Nevertheless, I have a possible conference call with a WD Community rep to explain their product and be of some assistance so we shall see how that goes. I will be sure to keep everyone in the loop. Thanks!