WD TV Live HUB as External HD?

Until recently I had a WD “ELEMENTS PLAY” and other than the fact it wouldnt play .MKV DTS files it was great. Now I have a WD TV LIVE HUB. There must be a better/easier way of transfering files/movies to the HUB from computer other than using an Ethernet router set up??..

(The Elements play was so easy, just plug her in to your computer and it could be used as an external hard drive)

Thanks Al’

The elements play had no other choice since there is no possibility.    The Live Hub was designed (and the documentation says) for a network.

You can use the network sync option and let the hub transfer files when it is idle or you can map the hub as a network drive and use it like a standalone hard drive from the PC (although this method is somewhat slow).

Really the only choices are:

a) Use the network to transfer files as stated by Miami_Son above.  (Slooowww for movies)

b) Use an external drive to copy from your PC then synch to the Hub’s internal.  (about 1 minute per gig transfer for me)

c) Use an external drive as the main movie drive without Syncing.  

Personally, I use option C.  I leave an external 2TB drive next to the hub.  When I have new movies to transfer, I grab the HD, bring it to the computer to copy, then plug it back into the Hub when done.  I don’t sync to the Hub.  In fact, I only use the Hub’s internal storage for music, using option A above.  That works pretty fast.   4+GB movies take way too long.