WD Tv live hub and whatever

It reboots it self as it likes. that has been a problem for past six months and You have’nt resolved it yet. 

Will You and when or shal I throw it out of the window as there is a HDD with some music on it and my music streamer nor I can take it any more

Yours Sincerely

Nemanja Gojnic

You would probably get a better answer if you posted your question in the correct forum.

Hub Forum

Also, this is a user-to-user forum (customers helping other customers) so questions directed at WD will get no response.

if you had this problem for the last six months and the recent update did not fix it

why not go back to a previous working firmware? 

Yes I presme I shel go to previous firmware, but I have had inough and can’t bother any more

Thanks ti You All