WD TV Live Hub and iTunes sharing problems


Apologise if this has been answered elsewhere but I can’t seem to find a solution.

I’ve transferred all my music that was stored on my laptop (running Vista) across to my Live Hub (with the iTunes server turned on) and changed the library so it loads music from the live hub library whenever iTunes (using the latest 10.5.1) is booted up. This works fine on my own laptop but my girlfriend also wants to access this music from her laptop (also running Vista) which also has iTunes but her own library.

I was under the assumption that with the iTunes server enabled with the Live hub, another user using iTunes would be able to access the Live Hub under the sharing panel in iTunes, but whenever I try to access it using iTunes continously says it’s loading but never gets any further. I’ve left it for hours but still no luck.

Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?


You’ll have to roll back iTunes to a version earlier than 10.5.   

In 10.5, Apple changed the way they expect DAAP servers to function, and most GPL-based iTunes servers (such as the Hub) no longer function.

WD is aware of the issue and will likely issue an update, but until they do, it’s not going to work on iTunes 10.5 and later.


Thankyou for the info!